A Greater Measure of Service

Our team of experts struggle level best to help you Achieve continuous improvement through equipment and process performance monitoring, Choose the right products, Store and apply your lubricants correctly

  • We brand, Design and Package products for our clients across the continent

  • We Transport and Deliver, Finance and do Clearing and Forwarding for our clients

  • We Trade in all types of Raw material, Base Oils, Additives for Lubricant industry

  • We train and educate our customers on the handling and utilizing of Lubricants

AFRILUBE - Your reliable Lubricant supplier in Africa


We are suppliers of all type of Industrial and Automotive Lubricants and relevant Machinery in Africa


As a leading ONE-STOP-SHOP Lubricant distributor, we provide a greater selection of products and have delivery options designed to meet the needs of any size operation. In a market filled with a wide variety of lubricants as well as dominant players we at AFRILUBE are proud to say that services and products provided by us speak of quality, affordability, reliability and customer satisfaction. with our keen knowledge of the AFRICAN MARKETS we are proud to say that we have developed value added solutions that answer to the needs of today’s clients. Lubricants need to be just as though as the machines they are filled into to prevent metal to metal contact, to remove heat from working parts and to remove debris from the machinery space this can only be achieved when the best quality of lubricants is filled into your machines and this where we step in.